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Roof Replacements in Maui

Roof replacements on Maui are something that just about every homeowner has to experience. The roof is what protects and preserves your structure, and it won’t last forever under the elements year after year.

Most traditional homes and buildings require regular roof maintenance, so it’s recommended to have a Maui roofer inspect your property at least once a year.

Many traditional asphalt shingle roofs won’t last as long in Hawaii as they would on the mainland, so if you want to avoid another roof replacement years down the road, there are longer lasting, more durable options available that will last much longer before needing a re-roofing. Certain materials are ideal for Pacific roofing in Hawaii’s tropical climate, such as silicone waterproof roof coating and tile roofs, and metal roofs.

If you’ve had the traditional 3-tab asphalt shingle roof on your home for over 20 years, your roof will likely need a re-roof soon if it isn’t already starting to fail. There are some signs that your roof is at the very end of it’s life, and needs more than a roof repair to be able to last. Are your shingles missing nearly all of the shingle granules? Are there a lot of shingle granules in the gutters? We see many clients who call us to have a look at their “old roof,” and their roof is at the point of being little more than felt paper. All the granules have broken down and washed away, and the shingles are so delicate and worn down, they’re serving little function anymore. Call us before your roof gets to that point! As your shingles age and break down, get damaged, or fall off the roof, the underlying decking becomes more vulnerable to weather damage. Water damage to the decking under the roof can get costly to repair, and is easy to avoid if you take action quickly. If your traditional asphalt shingle roof, modified bitumen flat roof, or acrylic roof is over 10-20 years old, get a free consultation and get an honest professional opinion of how many more solid years are left in your roof.

If you’re living on Maui and looking to have a roof replacement done, you might be considering upgrading the materials on your roof to a more durable, longer lasting option. Isn’t that part of the joy of owning a home? Investing in your property when you are able, choosing high quality materials that will last for years and years to come, so you can spend more time enjoying and living in your home instead of worrying about the next thing that will come up and need to be addressed? Have your roof done once, have it done right, and with top-notch materials and you won’t have to worry about it again. The 25-50 year warranties on these materials give peace of mind that the materials were designed to last for decades. 

To make your dream home and dream roof even more attainable, we provide roof financing options in Maui. If you need a roof replacement, roof repair, new roof installation or any other roofing services, we can work with you to find roof payment options that will best match your needs. We’re happy to be part of the small percentage of roofing contractors in Maui who provide this financial service to their clients. We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for price when making choices about your home or business. 

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