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New Roof Installations in MAUI

Maui New Roof Installations

New Roof Installations in Maui

New roof installations provide an opportunity to showcase our company’s capabilities by having the advantage of installing a brand new roof on a brand new structure. This is important for any Maui island roofing company and customer because it allows for a full warranty on materials and labor to be issued. With a brand new installation the manufacturer’s complete roofing system installation requirements can be properly achieved and documented in order to receive the maximum roof warranty and protection available from the world’s best roofing system manufacturers.

For brand new roofing installations we will need the final roofing plans and specifications in order to provide an estimate. From these plans and specifications we can determine the type of materials, exact quantities, and labor hours required to complete your roofing project. The plans and specifications can be sent here to our chief estimator who will confirm receipt of your documents. Please indicate when you need the completed proposal sent back to you. Give us as much advance notice as possible to ensure we have enough time to provide you with a quality price proposal. If your project does not have a set of plans and specifications for a new roof, we can meet with you to discuss our design-build options and determine which roofing system fits your budget and best protects your structure. With so many options and systems available, a consultation with one of our experts is recommended so you can see all of the different options available to you.



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