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Waterproofing & Roof Coating in MAUI

Maui Waterproofing & Roof Coating

Waterproofing & Roof Coating in Maui

Roof coatings have gained massive attention in Maui over the past decade because they are perfect for Hawaii’s tropical climate. 

Maui Roofing & Repairs is proud to be Maui’s Certified Installer of Gaco Roof Coating, one of the most durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective roofing options available. 

That means when we install your roof coating, we’re able to give you the very best roof warranty available.

Backed by an impressive 50 years to lifetime manufacturer warranties, a quality roof coating is the last roof you will ever need, making for a smart long-term investment in your home.  

Have you heard of “cool roofs” before? 

Some types of roof coating are also known in the industry as a “cool roofs,” because to put it simply – they keep your home cool and comfortable. They reflect up to 90% of the sun’s heat! This keeps the indoor temperatures much cooler than traditional roofs, and diminishes the need for AC and fans.

Avoid a costly replacement, restore your old roof instead

Let’s be honest: we all take our roofs for granted. Rain or shine, day in and day out – that roof is constantly protecting your home from the elements, taking a beating over the course of decades. Like all parts of your home, it requires maintenance and an eventual replacement when it’s useful lifespan is used up. 

Yet many people don’t give their roof a second thought until they notice the water dripping from the ceiling, the shingles in the yard, or the solar guy tells them there’s no way they can install panels on “that old thing.”

When faced with the news that a replacement is necessary, some people feel a heavy burden was just dropped on them.

The good news? Sometimes, a replacement can be avoided and your roof can be restored instead, with roof coating.

Because coatings can be applied over most existing roofs this automatically eliminates costly dump fees and becomes one of the most affordable options for re-roofing.   

Certain types of roofs particularly flat roofs, low slope, and metal roofs, are ideal for restoration with roof coating. 

Instead of tearing off your old modified bitumen roof, we can save you time and money by simply coating over it. Since roof coating is applied as a liquid it easily fills in any leaks, cracks, or porous spots, and dries as a single, seamless waterproof membrane covering your whole roof. 

Eco-friendly roofing that cuts your electric bill

Coating your roof with a GacoRoof product is good for the environment too! Because this coating can be applied over many existing roofs, we are able to restore your old roof rather than tear it off and unnecessarily send it to the landfill. Having a silicone waterproof coating on your roof is an energy-efficient way to keep your home cool and comfortable. Want to get an estimate on how much it would cost to waterproof and coat your roof? Call us at (808) 219-0300. Find out how much you can save on electricity bills and dump fees by restoring your traditional roof with a roof coating. 

Besides being one of the most affordable roofing material options, this cool roof will continue to save you money long after it’s installed. Traditional roofs absorb about 90% of the sun’s heat, which increases indoor temperatures and raises your electricity bill.

Hundreds of Hawaii homeowners love their cool roof coating by Maui roofing & repairs!

Quick Service

“Our old roof was starting to leak and we thought we’d have to get a whole new roof, but Brenda told us all we needed was a coating. The job was completed in 1 day, it looks great and the leaking is all gone! We couldn’t be happier!”

​- Odis Mendoza  

​Home Advisor Review Verified

Project:  Flat Roof Gaco Coating

Great Service

“I didn’t know what a cool roof was until I contacted Ohana for help with a repair. Dan took the time to explain my options and answered my many questions. I’m so glad to know there will be no more annoying repairs to deal with down the road. Mahalo Ohana!

– Meagan Salla

Excellent Job

Friendly staff, the crew cleaned up after themselves and got the job done sooner than expected. Highly recommended. 

– Chris Palacios 

​Home Advisor Review Verified

Project:  Flat Roof Gaco Coating

What's the best roof coating for Hawaii?

Waterproof coatings are the perfect roofing solution in Hawaii where there’s lots of sun and rain year-round, particularly for flat or low-sloped roofs and many commercial buildings. Not all coating is equal. Some have an extraordinarily long life-span and will last you a lifetime, while others only last 5-7 years before a reapplication is required. 

GacoRoof 100% silicone roof coating is our favorite cool roof to install because of its durability, flexibility, high quality, and long-lasting nature. It creates a seamless waterproof seal over your entire roof that permanently seals leaks and can withstand the harshest weather extremes, including UV rays and even permanent ponding water. Silicone outlasts acrylic, urethane,  and asphalt roof coating products.

Water-based products such as acrylic coatings often require a re-coating every 5-7 years because they break down under UV light unlike silicone, which only requires one application and that’s it. Acrylic coatings also become stained and discolored from weathering. Silicone, on the other hand, has a unique makeup which gives it greater durability and will not require re-coating.  With a 50 year warranty, this truly is the last roof coating you will ever need. 

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