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Metal roofing on Maui has seen a steady rise in popularity as people discover the enormous benefits associated with a metal roof. What is a metal roof? A metal roof is simply a roofing system made out of metal sheets or metal tiles. Metal sheets used for metal roofs are referred to as a standing seam metal roof.  

Metal tiles used for metal roofs are usually just called metal tiles, but metal roofing tiles can be made to look exactly like traditional shingle materials plus so much more. Maui roofing contractors can use a variety of metals for a metal roof with each metal offering its own unique characteristics. Popular metals used in metal roofs include: stainless steel, lead, tin, aluminum, and copper.

PROS of metal roofing:

  • Long lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Great architectural look
  • Outstanding weather protection
  • Great for mounting solar panels

CONS of metal roofing:

  • Expensive option
  • Vulnerable to rust
  • Paint coatings eventually fade and wear off requiring re-coating

A valuable home investment

Maui Roofs & Repairs is a Maui roofing contractor that will be the first to explain to you that a metal roof is a valuable investment for several reasons. Although the initial cost of a quality metal roof is higher than all other roof types, you will save money based on lifespan alone. With today’s methods and materials, metal roofs on Maui will easily last 50-60+ years. Compare that to an asphalt shingle roof that typically requires a complete re-roofing every 15 years on average.  It’s safe to say that a premium metal roof will last 4 times longer than an asphalt shingle roof. What if you won’t live in your home for 60 years?  When selling your home, keep in mind that having a metal roof that will likely last the lifetime of the new homeowner’s stay, it becomes a major selling point that can draw a premium sale price. Additionally, your homeowner’s insurance policy may be reduced by a significant amount once the metal roof is completely installed.

A roof that lasts a lifetime

Metal roofing contractors on Maui know that when an owner installs a metal roof on their structure, chances are very high that will be the last roof ever installed.  A homeowner will benefit from the low life cycle of a metal roof as compared to an asphalt shingle roof. Maui metal roofs usually last 2-4 times longer than the common and popular asphalt shingle roofs. Most asphalt shingle roofs last 15 years and the very best asphalt shingle roofs last 30 years. Compare that to a premium metal roof that will last 60 years and it’s easy to see why a metal roof is sure to be the last roof you will ever have to install on your structure.  The cost of a metal roof that lasts 60 years compared to the cost of replacing an asphalt shingle roof 4 times plus increased labor and material costs for each replacement cycle clearly make a metal roof the better choice.  A quality metal roof is  a roof that lasts a lifetime.

Metal roof tiles have been engineered to look exactly like traditional roofing materials. Everything from asphalt shingles, slate tiles, cedar shakes, and clay tiles can be replicated as a beautiful and durable metal tiles.  Regardless of which roofing style, type, or color you currently have or want to have, there is a metal roofing tile to match exactly what you’re looking for with the added benefit of lasting 2-4 times longer than traditional materials.

Standing seam metal roof

Commercial buildings have long used and valued standing seam steel roofs. Recently more and more homeowners are using standing seam metal for their own roofing solutions based on its longevity, low maintenance, and affordability. Metal panels typically come in 22 gauge to 29 gauge metal, 22 gauge being the thickest. The most important feature to consider when choosing a metal panel to cover your structure is the manufacturer’s paint warranty and lifespan.  

Steel will rust if it is exposed and the only thing protecting the steel panel is the paint coating. The best warranties on steel roof panels is usually a 50 year warranty. Some downsides to consider that come along with standing seam metal roofs are lack of architectural patterns, fragile to impact such as falling tree limbs and hail, panels can be damaged during shipping, and excessive noise during heavy rains.

Stone coated metal roof shingles

Consumers that like the idea of a metal roof but want the look of a normal looking roof will surely like the group of metal roofs called stone coated metal roof shingles.  Stone coated metal tiles are simply a sheet of steel formed and contoured to look like a traditional shingle such as asphalt shingle or a clay tile and are then factory impregnated with natural stone granules on top to give the metal tile the look and color of a traditional shingle. Stone coated tiles are available in a wide assortment of styles and colors. Stone coated metal tiles will typically last 50 years depending on the climate and amount of weather abuse the tiles are subjected to. The stone granules serve a strictly architectural purpose and do not affect the tile’s ability to remain waterproof. Even with loss of granules which is certain to occur, as long as the steel base is intact and not rusted through, you will have a watertight roof that will last the lifespan of the roof.

Steel shingles and shakes

Steel slate shingles and shakes offer an excellent metal roof option when a classic cedar shake or slate look is desired. Manufacturers are offering a wide selection of styles and colors to choose from to get you the perfect metal roof.  These style of metal shingles are factory formed and multi-coated with a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) based coating, commercially trademarked as Kynar 500. PVDF coatings for metal roofs is every manufacturer’s standard as Kynar 500 metal coatings are the ultimate long term resin in terms of painted metal durability, color vibrancy, color retention, anti-chipping, anti-pitting, anti-ageing, and anti-chalking qualities.

Aluminum roofs

Aluminum shingles are less popular than steel roofs but offer a great option for Maui’s climate and are an excellent solution to Maui’s corrosive air as aluminum will not rust or corrode. Aluminum shingles are favored in coastal climates as aluminum will hold up against the sun’s damaging UV radiation. This is an excellent option as aluminum is relatively affordable and available in the standing seam and stone coated varieties. Aluminum is lightweight and strong and 100% recyclable. Top manufacturers offer a 50 year non-prorated and transferable warranty on their best aluminum roofs.

Copper roofs

A copper roof is arguably the best roof you can put on your structure. Used for hundreds of years on history’s most important and sacred buildings, mankind has long known that a copper roof is the best roof available. Modern day manufacturing has made copper roofing materials into more diverse products for use on virtually any kind of structure while still offering copper’s superior long life, durability, corrosion resistance, extremely low maintenance, and beauty.

The best copper tile manufacturers will produce solid copper shingles at 99.96% purity. Some advantages of using copper shingles are rust-free unlike other metal roofing materials, chalk and fade free unlike other painted metal tiles, never subject to rotting or splitting, never dry out, curl, or crack, prevents mildew, moss, and fungus growth.

From an architectural standpoint, copper offers the best aesthetic value and the best durability and water protection. The shiny copper naturally oxidizes over time and gradually turns into a beautiful greenish whitish color through a process referred to at patina. The oxidation or patina layer that covers the copper actually provides protection for the interior copper and the patina color is adored and seen as unique and beautiful.  A copper roof is usually installed on prominent and significant buildings where superior water protection, beauty, and longevity are desired. Copper roofs will last hundreds and hundreds of years.



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